The Segnars

Building a home with BMI was an amazing experience! With the guidance and leadership Bill and Phil offered, the process was simple and smooth. They led us through each decision offering any support and assistance we asked for. They also set a schedule at the beginning and worked diligently to maintain it.

We knew we were getting quality workmanship every step of the way. BMI has been using many of the same sub-contractors for years creating a relationship that the new homeowners really benefit from.

We also knew that BMI was a builder we could have confidence in. They have earned the respect of so many homeowners and subcontractors in the community throughout the years they have been building homes.

Now we have a beautiful home to enjoy and the confidence that it was built by superior standards. We would highly recommend BMI for anyone wanting to build a home with the guarantee of excellence along with a positive building experience you can look forward to.

Jonni & Randall Segnar